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WARNING: This is an 18+ visual novel and contains graphic sexual images!

Jacqueline is having a busy holiday season! First, her generous sugar daddy has given her an exciting gift: a week with beautiful out-of-town sex worker Beryl! Second, she's been pressganged into holding the camera for her friend Juniper's sex tape with her wife!! And third, she's being bombarded with pictures and videos of her friend Olive's sexual escapades!!! How's a single-mom-slash-sugar-baby supposed to keep up???

Opportunity: A Sugar Baby Story is a warm, lighthearted erotic visual novel exploring what it means to rebuild and reinvent yourself against a backdrop of late-stage capitalism. What do you do when you realize you haven’t been really happy for a long time, and what does it mean to be REALLY happy, anyways? This chapter continues the story following the events of Chapter One and Chapter Two.


Playtime: 90-120 minutes

Wordcount: 28000+

Sexual Content: cis M/F, cis F/F, trans F/cis F, groping, exhibitionism, fingering, oral, rough sex, dirty talk, degradation, photoshoot, sexting, voyeurism, facesitting, facefucking, threesome, cumshots (plural), strap-on, roleplay

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
AuthorBP Games
GenreVisual Novel
Tags2D, Adult, Cozy, Erotic, Female Protagonist, Kinetic Novel, Narrative, NSFW, Ren'Py, Romance


Get this game and 3 more for $9.99 USD
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Dude(s), I just wanted to notify you that someone just uploaded your entire game here in Itch.io


Idid'nt know the original game was paid untill I searched it in google (because I loved it so much), I really enjoyed it, I'm sorry for this, but I'm willing to buy it as soon as the chapter 4 arrives.

I hope you can resolve this situation. (Also, sorry for my bad english, not my main language).

Thank you very much for letting us know, and thank you for your kind words about the game!


I've played a lot of h-games lately. Break ups are rough and  I guess this is my coping strategy. I usually don't go for visual novel type things; I want there to be some kind of gameplay other than "click to advance the story."

Until I played all three chapters of Opportunity. 

I don't go into these kind of games expecting to care about the characters. It's a porn game; I probably won't even think about these people again after jerking off 1-3 times. I usually don't even keep the files downloaded. The writing is usually terrible, the art may be inconsistent, and far too often the characters have only the thinnest reasons to interact with each other. And sometimes that's fine! To quote Opportunity, "it's PORN, not community theater."

So why did y'all put so much damn effort into making these people feel like people? By the time I got to chapter three, I was upset that there was more time spent on sex than on the relationship between Jackie and her kids. I found myself actually crying during the present wrapping scene. Even during the sex scenes, characters act in a way consistent with their motivations. There's a level of thoughtfulness that I was wholly unprepared for.

I think the reason Opportunity works for me as a good story AND good porn is that the story is not sacrificed in service of an interesting pairing. The story sets up sexy content, and the sexy content reveals more of who these characters are. Y'all struck a difficult balance and made it seem so easy that other h-games are ruined for me now.

tl;dr if you're looking for a bomb-ass sexy VN, you found it. easily worth more than the asking price.


Bigg here (the writer) - fun fact, I got into making porn games back in 2016 about 3 months after a bad breakup. Funny how that works out!

I'm very happy to hear that the story and characters landed so well with you! Chapter 3 definitely skews a little heavier towards the porn stuff (one problem with porn games is that the porn can suck up (no pun intended) a LOT of bandwidth, leaving less space for character development) - chapter 4 is going to tilt back towards having a bit more story, so look forward to that!